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Meet your Polar Dip organizers

We decided to dive in the ocean one New Year's Day in 2017 with a few friends.

Over the years the event has grown into a community event with hundreds participating!

Organizer, Hugh Margerum, standing on the beach with a parasol and drink
Hugh Margerum 
Hugh Margerum 

Hugh Margerum 

is an abstract artist and promoter of creative community fun and has been involved in the food and wine scene in Santa Barbara for many years. His art website is

Organizer, Julie DeAngelis standing on the beach in a polar bear costume
Julie DeAngelis

is a speech therapist at Rite Care Santa Barbara and a purveyor of parasols and lifestyle accoutrements at Parasols in Paradise.

The Polar Dip Santa Barbara started in 2017 with just five people diving in the ocean!

Polar Dip History 2017 - 2024
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